Realistic Evaluation of Stove Design Process

Please feel free to download Joshua Guinto’s thesis work on stoves development Download Realistic Evaluation of Stove Design Process by Joshua Guinto Wageningen University – Department of Social Sciences MSc Management of Agro-Ecological Knowledge and Social Change Specialization : Chair Group : Technology and Agrarian Development (TAD) Thank you Joshua for sharing this with us, your work is always a useful information and inspiration for … Continue reading Realistic Evaluation of Stove Design Process

Char making pocket

Joshua B. Guinto (Specialist, Sustainable Village Technologies, Tagsibol Development Enterprises, Phillipines) conducted a project to build a char-making stove, that can use briquettes or other convenient organic fuel. Please download a full report here : The Holey Roket Stove and BioChar Project     Objectives of the Project This project hopes to – Determine the technical performance of the stove prototype. – Determine its char … Continue reading Char making pocket

Mrs. Chizenga from Malawi

Marcel Westdijk posted photos of introducing the briquette technology and Roket Stoves in Salima, Malawi; thank you Marcel! Here is a few words from him: I started designing a stove, based on Rok’s design, with a local tinsmith. I once used this stove with our nightguard, who cooked his sweet potatos and his tea on it, using two briquettes only. Normally it would have costed … Continue reading Mrs. Chizenga from Malawi

Metal Holey Roket stoves in Chad

The Holey Roket stove type was adapted to the existing stove in Chad. First, drawings were sent with adjusted dimensions for burning briquettes. First prototype was made and was working with longer briquettes (app 6 inches in length). Briquette support was needed due to a larger combustion chamber and to allow the ashes falling in the box below. Due to lower-powered briquettes, more feeds were … Continue reading Metal Holey Roket stoves in Chad