Realistic Evaluation of Stove Design Process

Please feel free to download Joshua Guinto’s thesis work on stoves development Download Realistic Evaluation of Stove Design Process by Joshua Guinto Wageningen University – Department of Social Sciences MSc Management of Agro-Ecological Knowledge and Social Change Specialization : Chair Group : Technology and Agrarian Development (TAD) Thank you Joshua for sharing this with us, your work is always a useful information and inspiration for … Continue reading Realistic Evaluation of Stove Design Process

Char making pocket

Joshua B. Guinto (Specialist, Sustainable Village Technologies, Tagsibol Development Enterprises, Phillipines) conducted a project to build a char-making stove, that can use briquettes or other convenient organic fuel. Please download a full report here : The Holey Roket Stove and BioChar Project     Objectives of the Project This project hopes to – Determine the technical performance of the stove prototype. – Determine its char … Continue reading Char making pocket

Mrs. Chizenga from Malawi

Marcel Westdijk posted photos of introducing the briquette technology and Roket Stoves in Salima, Malawi; thank you Marcel! Here is a few words from him: I started designing a stove, based on Rok’s design, with a local tinsmith. I once used this stove with our nightguard, who cooked his sweet potatos and his tea on it, using two briquettes only. Normally it would have costed … Continue reading Mrs. Chizenga from Malawi