Mrs. Chizenga from Malawi

Marcel Westdijk posted photos of introducing the briquette technology and Roket Stoves in Salima, Malawi; thank you Marcel! Here is a few words from him: I started designing a stove, based on Rok’s design, with a local tinsmith. I once used this stove with our nightguard, who cooked his sweet potatos and his tea on it, using two briquettes only. Normally it would have costed … Continue reading Mrs. Chizenga from Malawi

Great progress in Philippines

We’re happy to publish roket stoves by Joshua Guinto from Philippines! Amazing different designs from Joshua – here in the shape of a fish, truck and a human face!     Here is a printed advertisement for Holey Roket briquette stoves, please click to see a bigger image!   Here are some interesting words from Joshua: It is a mixture of clay that i have in stock. … Continue reading Great progress in Philippines

Metal Holey Roket stoves in Chad

The Holey Roket stove type was adapted to the existing stove in Chad. First, drawings were sent with adjusted dimensions for burning briquettes. First prototype was made and was working with longer briquettes (app 6 inches in length). Briquette support was needed due to a larger combustion chamber and to allow the ashes falling in the box below. Due to lower-powered briquettes, more feeds were … Continue reading Metal Holey Roket stoves in Chad

Nguvu Stove

In March, 2009, briquette research was pursued in Kampala, Uganda, as an extension to the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air (PCIA) conference. Ugandan biggest manufacturer of fuel-briquettes out of waste organic material Kampala Jelitone Suppliers Ltd. was in need for cooking-stove designs.   As briquettes resembled wood-fuel, more than any other existing fuel, we initially used the model of a Rocket stove design and modified … Continue reading Nguvu Stove

Mdula Stove

Mdula – a sustainable modular cooking stove solution for the local environment (Chembe village in Malawi), was developed in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund for nature (WWF) from Finland which initiated the briquette project in Malawi in 2001. Their work with introducing biomass broiquettes is addressing many critical environmental problems in LMNP (Lake Malawi National Park) like deforestation and soil erosion. The stove concept is … Continue reading Mdula Stove