constant fire – no need for checking

visual control of the flame – through the hole of the briquette

simple reloading – push a new briquette in the stove 


  1. put 1 or 2 briquettes in the stove, depending how much fire you want
  2. take some paper, kindle/branches or crumble part of a new briquette and throw it in the combustion chamber from the top, so it makes a nice fire-starter.
  3. Ignite a branch or some paper or a briquette piece and stick it in the briquette hole from the front of the stove. You can also start the briquettes with other fire starters.
  4. Enjoy looking at the briquette hole how the fire proceeds to the front of it.
  5. Put a pan or a pot on top of the stove.


We can additionally regulate the flame output with a metal or ceramic cover / gate.

HR makin 5


Another feature that affects the burning is the length of the briquette. Shorter briquettes will burn faster and more aggressive because of the space between the briquettes stacked in the briquette feed. Shorter briquettes will enable a stable power output and briquette material savings since we will use only as many briquettes as needed. This will also limit the amount of toxic CO emissions of which highest levels are observed when the cooking is finished and the briquettes are smouldering / causing a long lasting smoke. With shorter briquettes this is instantly avoided.



Due to focused flame in the center of the pot – which makes the stove more fuel-efficient, Holey Roket is best suited for cooking, not grilling. If you want to have a grill, we advise to use a heavy pan or stone plate where the flame gets evenly distributed on the surface of the plate. You could also use coal with Holey Roket, but the surface at the top of the stove is pretty narrow.

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