Barikolkol Distillation

Our friend, Mr. Joshua Guinto started distilling Barikolkol – wine from nipa plant, a kind of palm that grows in the murky mangrove forests. Barikolkol is the local name for the wine that comes from the sap of the nipa.


Joshua engaged with the wine distillers in the town of Vinzons. With a Japanese JICA volunteer, he made some experiments and then held a technology design workshop with the wine distillers.

Here is a draft of the Holey Roket stove adapted for wine-distilling, using briquettes as fuel!

The posters here show the tradition, the experiment and finally the results of the workshop.

Please contact Mr.Joshua Guinto for any further details at

Poster Exhibit Stoves to IFP   The Mangcayo Distillation Experiment  The Barik Tradition of Vinzons

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