Char making Pocket

Joshua B. Guinto (Specialist, Sustainable Village Technologies, Tagsibol Development Enterprises, Phillipines) conducted a project to build a char-making stove, that can use briquettes or other convenient organic fuel.

Please download a full report here :

The Holey Roket Stove and BioChar Project




Objectives of the Project

This project hopes to

– Determine the technical performance of the stove prototype.
– Determine its char making properties
– Determine the user responsiveness of the design.
– Generate lessons and renovate accordingly.
– Solicit support for further improvements and eventually manufacturing.




Features of the stove

– It will allow continuous cooking.
– It will allow better flame control.
– It will eliminate risk of handling hot char.
– The stove will allow more types of fuel.
– It can be produced with less cost.
– It will stimulate employment and promote social inclusion.
– Allow longer stove life.

The stove is still in a development stage, but we believe it has a great potential!

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