Metal Holey Roket stoves in Chad

BrownStove_Chad Adaptation for briquettes One B square

The Holey Roket stove type was adapted to the existing stove in Chad. First, drawings were sent with adjusted dimensions for burning briquettes. First prototype was made and was working with longer briquettes (app 6 inches in length). Briquette support was needed due to a larger combustion chamber and to allow the ashes falling in the box below.

Front - briquette feed Briquette rests in the combustion chamber And briquette

Due to lower-powered briquettes, more feeds were introduced which burn more briquettes simultaneously in one single combustion chamber.

Double feed Triple feed Roket stove Holey Roket stoves in Chad

Thanks to Mark Heath (based in Chad) for developemntal efforts and great feedback providing photo-material and valuable experiences!

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