Briquettes made of invasive plants

If you have invasive plants growing in your area, it is possible to change them to briquettes. These can be used for burning/cooking or for planting seeds – just fill the hole of the dry briquette with fresh soil and seed or young plant. In the urban space of Teren in Ljubljana, there are a couple of species of invasive plants: paulownia, fallopia and ailanthus/tree … Continue reading Briquettes made of invasive plants

Making a stove with a slab method

It is possible to make a ceramic Holey Roket stove rolling out clay in a slab form; a thick layer of clay wrapped around the pipe used for making briquettes. It is a very clean and fast method, especially if you are not used to sculpt with clay. You will need: pipes, cut in 45 degrees, 1pc 30cm – height and 1pc 20cm – length … Continue reading Making a stove with a slab method

Making briquettes in Teren

We are lucky to have a place like the experimental playground Teren, launched by Prostorož, where we can develop projects that can not be done indoors or in other, more controlled spaces. We designed the original briquette press together with Richard Stanley from Legacy Foundation. They are responsible for many new briquette projects around the world. This one has been lying around making briquettes for … Continue reading Making briquettes in Teren