Metal pot holders

Metal pot holders can be made to help us use our stove longer and easier:

– to prolong the life of the ceramic stoves

– an angle of the top part provides a firmer hold

– enables using smaller pots on the stove


Industrially made stoves often use cast-iron holder in one piece construction, but this is an alternative design that can be made in a local metal-shop very inexpensively. Here is a quick instruction on how to do it:

1. We need app a 50 cm/20 inch long metal plate/bar, then cut it to 3×3 pieces: 3x 4.5cm, 3x 5cm, 3x 6cm. I used a screw to provide the exact distance from the pot to the stoves rim (around 10mm). A simple bar or plate could be welded there as well

The dimensions vary according to your own stoves dimensions. We prolonged the lower part of the top plate downwards to be able to cook with smaller pots comparing to combustion chamber diameter. We can prolong the top part as well, if we are using bigger pots

2. We set the plates/bars on a table is an assembly exactly to what it will be on the stove. Fix them to the table and weld them together

Again, be aware of what your stove thickness is and modify the dimensions accordingly. Attaching the top plate under a small angle helps to hold the pot better as well as letting more air through for bigger pots. This dimension is just an approximate estimation. You can experiment with it and optimize your stove.

3. Mount the metal holders to the stove. Try to fix the holder in the stove as firmly as possible and make sure the distance from the rim to the pot is right (approximately 10mm)

Good luck with building this additional element which makes your stove more durable and easy to use!

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