Realistic Evaluation of Stove Design Process

Please feel free to download Joshua Guinto’s thesis work on stoves development

Download Realistic Evaluation of Stove Design Process by Joshua Guinto

Wageningen University – Department of Social Sciences
MSc Management of Agro-Ecological Knowledge and Social Change
Specialization :
Chair Group : Technology and Agrarian Development (TAD)

Thank you Joshua for sharing this with us, your work is always a useful information and inspiration for our work!


In spite of the abundance of cheap biomass for fuel, poor families of the province of Camarines Norte still rely on fuels that are either expensive or difficult to gather. There are existing novel models of the traditional stoves that are still in use and there are several other prototypes that local technicians have introduced to the province. However, stoves are being designed and built without the benefit of learning from the past experiences and the socio-technical context of the technology. There remains poor utilization of the abundant and cheap source of fuel such as rice hull, coconut husks and coconut shells which also breeds environmental pollution. The study describes the extent of the fuel crisis and the reasons why. It also explains how families can create their own stoves through a participative and interactive design process. The study produced forty miniature models of cook stoves and five prototypes of stoves. It includes a hybrid model of a stove made of clay, cow manure and coconut fiber and with a steam injection mechanism.

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