Pre-cut the stove to avoid breaking

Some stoves tend to break during cooking due to big temperature differences in the stove’s body. There are some stoves already existing on the market that use the same principle of pre-cutting, so we tried to do it on the Holey Roket as well!

Here are some basic steps of how to cut and bond the stove if you cut it AFTER the stove body was fired in a kiln. You can also try to do it beforehand – using separators when building it.


1. Stove fresh from the kiln in one piece


2. The stove was cut in 3×60 degrees angles, with the center in the middle of the combustion chamber. Here are the top and bottom previews.


3. The stove is cut using a wood-saw – the ceramics has a lot of sawdust inside, so it is easy to cut.

IMG_6640 IMG_6642

4. The stove is assembled back in formation

IMG_6645 IMG_6646 IMG_6647 IMG_6649

5. Metal wire is used to bond the pieces together. Metal straps could be used as well or even a metal bucket with a larger opening infront to make the ceramics fit inside.


Stove is ready to use. In this case we made additional metal pot-holders. For bigger efficiencies a pot-skirt could be added as well.


Happy cooking!

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