Making with no tools required

You can make your stove without any special tools (like plastic pipes).

You need:

  • clay (a mix of clay and sawdust and water)
  • flat surface like wood
  • cartboard paper
  • your briquettes

hrgv - 6

Start with making a paper template where you will form the stove. If you have 10cm briquettes, the stove should be 20cm wide and 30cm long.

Form a 3-4cm thick clay base.


hrgv - 1  hrgv - 9

Remove one side of the cardboard paper and wrap it around the briquettes. If you have a clay that shrinks a lot during firing, you need to wrap the cartboard more times.

hrgv - 3  hrgv - 11

Set the cartboard with briquettes on the flat clay in the shape of letter L.

hrgv - 12  hr1

Start forming the clay walls around the cartboard cylinders. Make sure all gaps are filled. Its important to make walls with even thickness so the stove will not break during the firing.

hrgv - 24hrgv - 25

Polish the stove walls and make any desired decoration. Make sure the height of the stove is at least the same as length. Its better to make it higher – this sample is not the best case. If the stove is higher it will burn the fuel emissions better and cause less smoke during cooking.

hr4hrgv - 32

Remove the cartboard simply by untwisting it.

hrgv - 35

Make a nice decoration!


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