Making briquettes in Teren

We are lucky to have a place like the experimental playground Teren, launched by Prostorož, where we can develop projects that can not be done indoors or in other, more controlled spaces.

We designed the original briquette press together with Richard Stanley from Legacy Foundation. They are responsible for many new briquette projects around the world. This one has been lying around making briquettes for a few years now and needed a refreshment. We refurbished it by cleaning and applying a fresh layer of paint.

For new briquettes we used paper, sawdust and horse manure, which binds the material and burns well at the same time. I also added dried rosemary to add a special scent when cooking, as well as keeping safe from mosquitos, which are regular residents in Teren 😦

After mixing the material with a battery drill, the briquette press was ready to use.

We managed to make 170 briquettes!