Making a stove with a slab method

It is possible to make a ceramic Holey Roket stove rolling out clay in a slab form; a thick layer of clay wrapped around the pipe used for making briquettes. It is a very clean and fast method, especially if you are not used to sculpt with clay.

You will need:

  1. pipes, cut in 45 degrees, 1pc 30cm – height and 1pc 20cm – length
  2. clay (mixed with sawdust or other insulative material),
  3. clay slip (clay ‘glue’ – a thick mix of water and clay),
  4. cardboard (to easy pull-out the pipes while the clay is still wet),
  5. a rough clay modelling tool, to make ends able to ‘glue’ together,
  6. clay cutting tool or a wire,
  7. a table cloth to help you wrap the clay around the pipes.


  1. cut the clay in 1-2inches (3-5cm) thick.

2. Cut the sides of clay to 45 degree angles and stick them together. If needed, flatten out the clay slab with a dough roller.

3. Wrap the cardboard around the pipes twice and cut it along the 45 degree cut. Make the clay slab at least 2 inches longer than the pipe’s circumference – just roll the pipe over the slab and add 2 inches (6cm) to the length.

4. Carefully lift the clay with the cloth and start wrapping it around the pipe.

5. Seal the clay ends with a rough modelling tool and apply the clay slip on both open-ends. Stick them together as tight as possible without ruining the form. Be patient and practice this part carefully.

Don’t worry if the clay cracks a little bit due to high quantity of sawdust, just seal the cracks by gliding over them with a smooth tool or your fingers.

6. Cut the 45 degree ends with a cutting tool.

7. Repeat the same process with the second part of the stove.

8. Its good to use a soft foam or carved-out wood piece to lay down the bottom part of the stove, so that the pipe keeps the form, but you can do without it as well. Apply the clay slip to both 45 degree cut ends of the clay pipes and stick them together as tight as possible. Smoothen out the edges with your fingers or a smoothing tool.

9. Attach the briquette holders on each side of the stove.

10. Wrap the stove with a plastic wrap if you want to make a break or if you want to apply any decoration patterns later – you want to stove to look good!

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