Briquettes made of invasive plants

If you have invasive plants growing in your area, it is possible to change them to briquettes. These can be used for burning/cooking or for planting seeds – just fill the hole of the dry briquette with fresh soil and seed or young plant.

In the urban space of Teren in Ljubljana, there are a couple of species of invasive plants: paulownia, fallopia and ailanthus/tree of heaven. Together with društvo Trajna we identified the trees and planned the project in 3 stages: 1 – identifying/ cutting/ drying, 2 – rotting/ shredding/ making briquettes/ drying, 3 – testing the burning/ pyrolysis

I used gloves and scissors for cutting – its best just to get the leaves as branches can be hard to shred later in the process.

Try to arrange the fresh leaves on as large area as possible and protect them from the rain. It might take up to 2 weeks for the material to be fully dry. Second step involves wetting them lightly so the material disintegrates and becomes easier to shred.

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